Importing an Excel file


  1. Make sure you have an Excel file with at least the following columns;
    1. Type number; required for Excel import
    2. Manufacturer; required for Excel import
    3. GTIN; required for enriching
  2. Open BeeFinity
  3. Press ‘Upload products’
  4. For the Import method select ‘Add new’
  5. For the Import type select ‘Excel’
  6. Press ‘Select file’ and navigate to the Excel file
  7. After selecting, the importing will start immediately


Enriching products with BeeFinity


  1. Select the products you want to enrich with additional data
    1. Make sure that a GTIN is filled in for those products
  2. Press ‘Enrich products’
  3. Select your preferred enrichment target and enrichment execution
    1. Note: Type number and Manufacturer are never changed
  4. Press ‘Ok’ to continue
  5. Track the progress in the notifications menu

Check out our video on this topic here