In order to give all of your descriptions the same format, BeeFinity introduced the Description Builder. This article tells you how to use the Description Builder efficiently. We also made a video about this functionality, which you can find here.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Management’ menu
  2. Go to the tab ‘Groups’
  3. Select the group you want to create a generated description for
  4. Go to the tab ‘Description builder’
    1. By default, Group name and Product serie are selected
  5. To start editing, press the ‘Pencil’
  6. Click  ‘Add item’ to add another item

In this menu several field are visible. We will walk through them one by one. Starred items are required.

  • Example; this field will show an example of the description after adding a property.
  • Propertyin this field you can select the actual property you want to display. The property must be assigned to the group, in order to add it to the description.
  • Displayin this field, you can select what data should be displayed.
  • Prefix/suffix; fill these fields with prefixes and suffixes in different languages (when selected).
  • Visibility; this field gives you options what to display in different scenarios.
  • Separatorbetween two items in a generated description, a separator can be added. Check the box and fill in a separator. To make the separator appear, also check the box in the consecutive item(s).

Press ‘Add’ to add the item to the description.

To edit an existing item, click the little ‘Pencil’ showed on the item. Press the ‘Bin’ to delete the item. On the right side of the item, you can change its position.

Press ‘Save’ to wind up your generated description.