ETIM units

In BeeFinity, units are classified using the ETIM classification. By default these units are available in your BeeFinity environment. You can get an overview of these units by going to Management and navigating to the Units tab.


Editing units

If you miss a unit in this list, you can add it yourself. You can do this by clicking the ‘Plus sign’.

For every feature, you can choose a unit in the group.

  1. Go to the Management menu
  2. Click the Groups tab
  3. Select a group to choose a unit for
  4. To edit a unit, click the ‘Pencil’ 
  5. Click the Pencil’ of the desired feature
  6. Here, in the field you can choose a unit
    1. Note; this unit must be of the same quantity. You can’t change meter to kilowatt.
  7. Click ‘Update’ to implement the selected unit
  8. Click ‘Save’ to finish your changes

Products will always display feature values in the unit you choose. Even when a product shows a different unit in the online datapool. This value will then be converted in the unit you chose.

By selecting English as your language, imperial units will be added to your units.


Importing units

For more information about importing using Excel, click here.

It is possible to import features using Excel as well. These features might have units too. In order to import these units correctly, make sure you put the units in the right format.

  • To select a unit for an entire column, put the unit in square brackets in the column header.
  • To select a different unit for a single value, just put the deviant unit right behind it.

The ‘45m’ and ‘243km’ will be imported just fine. The ‘107kg’ will be rejected.

Note: units will always be converted to the unit you chose for the particular feature in BeeFinity.