What are selection values?

It's in the name, a selection value is a fixed value you can select for a certain feature.

Here is an example of a selection value.^

Where can I see my selection values?

You can find your selection values in the Management menu, under the tab Selection values.

In this tab, you can also add and edit selection values.

How can I connect selection values to a feature?

Imagine you'd like to connect the colour orange to selection list of the example above.

This product is an orange enclosure. It is therefore in the group 'Enclosure/switchgear cabinet (empty)'. 

  • Navigate to Management menu
  • Navigate to the tab Groups
  • Select the group
    •  'Enclosure/switchgear cabinet (empty)'
  • Click the Pencil
  • Navigate to the feature you want to connect the selection value to
    • 'Colour'
  • Click the three stripes, next to the bin
  • In the search bar that appears, search for orange
    • If 'orange' does not exist yet, click 'Create a new selection value'
  • Click Connect, to connect the colour orange to the feature
  • Close and Save