At some point, this message may pop up while you try to register:

The message says that your emailadress is already taken.

This may have several causes. In any case, you already have an account.

An account can be created via a few different routes.

  1. An agent created an account for you. He may have done this after a support call for example.
  2. You signed up at or at
  3. You send an email to or to
  4. You have been mentioned by someone else in a support ticket or email.

In any case, you received an activation mail. To activate your account, click the hyperlink in that activation email.

How to deal with the error 'Email has already been taken'?

  • Look up the activation email and click the link in that email.
  • Contact support to send you a new activation email.
  • Try resetting you password by clicking Forgot your password? on the login page.