Many of the engineers using BeeFinity, will also use EPLAN. For you as an engineer, we thought of efficient ways to use EPLAN and BeeFinity side to side.

We worked out 8 steps for you to walk trough. For some steps we even included a video, to clear things up even more. These steps are focused on mirroring your products between BeeFinity and EPLAN. By doing this, you will ensure the data quality of your products.


1. Export your products from EPLAN (video)

2. In BeeFinity, make sure your EPLAN mapping is set correctly *

3. Import your products in BeeFinity (video)

Maintaining your products

4. Enrich your products using the online datapool (video)

5. Adjust products or add additional products ** (video)

6. Export your products in EPLAN format (video)

7. Import and use your products in EPLAN (video)


-For step 1-4 applies: This has to be done only once.

-For step 5-7 applies: Repeating these more often, will enhance the quality of your EPLAN parts.

*To learn more about that, check out this article: mappings