What is enriching?

In BeeFinity, enriching is a way to add data to your products. You may have seen the button with the arrows already. In this article, we will learn you how to do enriching right.

Before enriching

Enriching is mostly used for imported products. Products imported from EPLAN or Excel may have limited information. For example, only the part number is filled in along with a function template and a simple description. Enriching can help you to add a lot of technical, classified data to your products.

Before hitting the enrich button, make sure you did this right:

  • Recommended: every product has a valid GTIN or EAN. Learn more here
    • A correct GTIN will guarantee a match (when available in 2BA)
    • Other identifiers, like type number, are less likely to have a match
  • Your 2BA-credentials are correctly filled in.
    • You can do this by going to Organisation -> 2BA authentication

After hitting the enrich button, a popup is shown, giving you a few enrich options.

  • Enrichment target
    • This will determine what data will be enriched, just the features or all product data. Note that typenumber and manufacturer are never enriched.
  • Enrichment execution
    • This will determine how the data will be enriched. You can choose between overwriting the existing data and only filling up empty fields.
    • Please be careful, only overwrite data if you have nothing to lose. You cannot undo this.

After enriching

After clicking OK, the enriching of your products will start immediately. You can check the progress in the notification menu.

The enriching is normally finished quite quickly. However, if you decide to enrich thousands of products, the enriching may take a couple of minutes and sometimes a few hours.

After finishing, you can check out the return Excel file to see which products weren't enriched. The reason for that will be displayed as well. If all products were enriched just fine, the Excel file will be empty.


We told you that filling in your 2BA-credentials is important for successful enriching. But why is that?

2BA kindly provides us the information you can add to your products using enriching. That is also the reason their logo pops up if you look up products online.

This also means, not all information which is added using enriching, is certified information. You'll just get the information available in 2BA, whatever that may be.

For more information, here is a video where we import and enrich products step by step.