Corona update

First things first: we hope you are doing well and stay strong. Besides that, also enjoyed the sunshine these last weeks. In this version update, we will bring you up to date with the latest features of BeeFinity!

EPLAN mappings

The EPLAN mappings changed quite a bit in this version. Some customers said they would really benefit from being able to make multiple EPLAN mappings. We now made exactly that possible. Just like you were able to make multiple Excel mappings, you can now make multiple EPLAN mappings as well.

The configuring of the mappings is now also identical to the Excel mapping. You can map every single EPLAN-field to every BeeFinity-field and vice versa. Watch the sprint video to get a preview of that.

It is now also possible to map to every line of the tab File/Hyperlink in EPLAN. Before, you were forced to map to the first line only.

Online filtering

We also improved the online search experience. It is now possible to filter on 'serie' online. This feature was highly requested by our customers.

Changes in management menu

Furthermore, two noticeable changes were applied to the management menu.

  1. The addition of the 'history' button. Using this button, you can view and quickly select one of the 10 last selected items from a certain tab.
  2. The tab 'Mappings' moved to the management menu. Before, you would find the 'Mappings' tab in the Organisation menu.

The Blue Bee

We have been busy with implementing the Blue Bee as well. Using advanced algorithms we determine the correct values for every product. We will suggest these values to you to improve your data quality. But after all, you are still in control, you can always deviate from these suggestions.

All this functionality is still in beta, but here is a preview of what it is going to look like. This functionality is expected to be released in six weeks.

Sprint video

In order to give you a demo of all this functionality, we also made a sprint video this sprint.