By  April 2020, we started adding a version number to our BeeFinity releases. This number represents the version of BeeFinity you are currently using. 

Where can you look it up?

You can check out the current version number, by clicking the question mark in the top right of your BeeFinity environment:

After clicking that button, this pop-up shows up:

As you can see, the version number appears in the top right corner of this pop-up. While you're here, you can click the What's new button to check out the new features that are added in this version.

How often is it updated?

For the development of BeeFinity, we use the Scrum methodology. This means that we work in sprints of three weeks, in which we develop new pieces of functionality. These are brought together in a new version, every sprint.

After this sprint, the developed version is tested for another three weeks. By week 6, that version is ready to use.

So you will be able to use a new version of BeeFinity every three weeks.