We hope you are still doing well. Thankfully we do, and our developers worked hard from home to implement new features in version 23.


With the latest update, we introduced you to the version number. It is now possible to view this version number and surf to this page, directly from BeeFinity. You can do so, by clicking the question mark in the top right corner. 

As you can see, we are currently on version 23.0.0. This version will be updated approximately every 3 weeks. You can check out what's new in this version by clicking the 'What's new' button.

Bug fixes

Quite some users were kind enough to provide us extra information about bugs in BeeFinity. Most of them were related to the updated EPLAN (group)mappings. We fixed most of these bugs, and we really hope you like it as much as we do.

Blue Bee, the first stage

Version 23.0 is the debut version for the long-awaited Blue Bee. The Blue Bee is our data pool where we collect data about products. If our data differ from your data, we will give you suggestions about that. You are free to either accept the suggested change or acknowledge your data.

Note that we will never change your data automatically.

This is a screenshot of what the suggestions will look like. 

  • A red globe indicates that your data deviates from our Blue Bee
  • A green globe indicates that your data matches the Blue Bee data
  • An orange globe indicates that you acknowledged your data instead of choosing the Blue Bee suggestion

You can click the suggestion of the yellow bee or the blue bee to choose the desired values.

Getting curious about the Blue Bee? Note that the Blue Bee is only available on request. Contact us to enable the Blue Bee in your BeeFinity environment, because the Blue Bee is still in bèta.