BeeFinity is a web-based app. This means that you need a browser to use it. Like BeeFinity, browsers have all sorts of settings. In this article, we will tell you a few tricks to optimize your browser, to work with BeeFinity. We recommend using Chrome as your browser, but these tricks will also work for other browsers. For this demo, we will use Chrome as our browser.


Set download location

First, we are going to set a custom download location. As you know, in BeeFinity, you can have all sorts of downloads. You may want to put these downloads in a separate location on your computer.

For this:

  1. Click the three dots in the top right corner
  2. Click Settings
  3. Head over to Advanced -> Downloads
  4. Choose a location on your computer by clicking Change
  5. If you want your browser to ask where to save your file before downloading, flip the switch.

Duplicate tab

In BeeFinity, you occasionally work in two different menus. For example, you change a generated description in the management menu and want to see the result in the product menu. While using one tab, that results in a lot of clicking back and forth. Therefore, it is easier to have two tabs open, side by side:

*view the attachment for a bigger picture

To do this, simply right click on the BeeFinity tab and click Duplicate.

Tab pinning

With the same right-click, Chrome provides the Pin option. Clicking this will pin your BeeFinity tab to the left in your browser tabs. You can quickly move to this tab by using the hotkey Ctrl + 1. You can also use the Ctrl + <<number>> to change to other tabs quickly.

Browser bookmarks

Make sure to add BeeFinity to your bookmarks. You can do this by clicking the star at the end of the address bar.

By marking a tab as a bookmark, it will appear in the browser right below the address bar. This creates easy access every time you want to start BeeFinity.

To make your BeeFinity bookmark even more useful, you can add the name of your organisation to the bookmark-URL. This way, your organisation name will already be filled in.

In that case, make sure you compose your URL as follows:

Note: replace BeeFinity with the name of your organisation.

If the name of your organisation contains spaces, make sure to replace these with %20 in the URL:

Password manager

If you use BeeFinity extensively, you may be frustrated by the effort it takes to log in every time. In that case, you may want to consider using a password manager. A password manager takes care of all logins you do. Just make sure you don't forget your super-strong master password and you are good to go. Good password managers are Dashlane, LastPass, and KeePass. These password managers can also be used as a browser extension.

Note: be careful with storing your passwords online. BeeFinity is not responsible for any online loss of data that is not stored in BeeFinity.

Browser extensions

Besides password managers, there are other useful browser extensions. We will give you a few extension tips we found very useful:

  • Edit office documents in the browser; click here
  • Lastpass free password manager; click here
  • Look up more extensions yourself...