New features, released in version 25:

Prices and delivery times

In BeeFinity, we already used 2BA for our online search. In addition to essential product information, 2BA offers logistical data about its products, like prices and delivery times.

Most engineers and planners out are familiar with the struggles of scraping together the logistical information for the products in their project.

We realized that and tried to make it easier for our BeeFinity users. We embedded access to logistical data in two different places in BeeFinity:

The Suppliers product overview

We were already familiar with showing the 2BA-status in the product overview. The status indicates whether a product is available or discontinued. As shown in the screenshot below, logistical data is also visible now. It's just a simplified version of the, more detailed, suppliers tab.

The Suppliers tab

In the 'Suppliers' tab, you will find an overview of all suppliers offering the product. You can click the 'Show more' option to view more detailed information. Net prices are calculated based on specific discounts, available in your 2BA account. You can select your preferred sorting in the selection box on top. Check the attachment below to view a more detailed image.

Showing net prices

With the implementation of prices, came the visibility of net prices. However, net prices may be sensitive. Therefore, you don't want them to be seen by every user. As an administrator, you can enable net price visibility for individual users.

All this functionality is still in bèta. Are you getting curious? Contact us to enable the prices and delivery times in your BeeFinity environment as well!

Bill of Material

The largest new feature of version 25 is the Bill of Material. You can now upload an Excel file with products and BeeFinity will calculate the total prices for these products. BeeFinity will return this data in a generated Excel file, the Bill of Material. In fact, any logistical data can be added to the Bill of Material.

The Bill of Material has a dedicated icon as you can see below. 

By clicking this icon, a popup will appear, asking you what columns to include in the Bill of Material. You are also asked to choose an Excel file, containing the products of your Bill of Material.

After doing some magic with the provided Excel file, the generated Bill of Material is available in the notifications section. For a full explanation of the functionality, check out our article on the subject; Explained: Bill of Material.

Please note that the Bill of Material is part of our bèta functionality.

Updated enriching

Enriching has since long been a smart way to quickly add classified data to your products. However, for a successful enriching, you needed a GTIN or a 2BA-ID. By using smart algorithms, we now made it possible to enrich every product that is available in the 2BA data pool. To learn more, read our updated article on enriching here; Explained: Enriching.

Product history

Another new member of the icon bar is the history button. We implemented this button in version 22 in the management tab. Some users were very excited about this button. So, we listened to their request and implemented the button in the product grid too. Clicking this button will reveal a history of up to 10 of your last opened products. This makes navigating to your most used products a lot easier.

Sprint video

Watch the sprint video of the last few sprints here.