In version 25, we implemented the Bill of Material. You can upload an Excel file with products and BeeFinity will calculate the total prices for these products. BeeFinity will return this data in a generated Excel file, the Bill of Material. In fact, any logistical data can be added to the Bill of Material. In this article, we will explain the process step by step. Make sure to watch the video we made on this topic; The Bill of Material

Before starting, 

  1. make sure you have an active 2BA-connection. It is preferred to fill in your 2BA-credentials under Organisation-> 2BA authentication. That way you can see the net prices for your products.
  2. make sure the prices and delivery times are turned on in your organisation. Because this is still in bèta, it is not turned on by default.

Let's get started

First, take an Excel file containing the products for your Bill of Material. To identify a product we need either 

  1. a column with an article ID
  2. columns for manufacturer + order number
  3. columns for manufacturer + type number
  4. a column with a GTIN

We strongly recommend using the GTIN number as your unique identifier. All forms can be downloaded in Excel format by BeeFinity itself. 

The other essential column in the Excel file is the column containing the count of the products you want to include.

With these columns filled in, your Excel file, before uploading, may look as simple as this:

When your Excel file is ready, go to BeeFinity and click the BOM (Bill of Material) button.

This popup will appear, asking you what columns you want to include in your BOM. Note that you can also change the arrangement of the columns. After that, select the Excel file you prepared. The generation of the BOM will then start automatically.

After a while, you can download your BOM from the notification bar.