We found that some users had trouble distinguishing the differences between rights and memberships. We thought it to be wise to clear it up for you in this article.


Simply said, rights in BeeFinity determine what data you can see. We have 2 sorts of rights, we call them roles:

  • The Administrator role
  • The User role

As an administrator or admin, you have access to the management and organisation menus in BeeFinity. As a user, you can't access these. In these menus, you can configure all kinds of things, necessary for managing your products. The first user of a newly created BeeFinity organisation will automatically be an admin. As an admin, you can manage the rights in your organisation. Any BeeFinity user can have either an admin or a user role, regardless of their membership. You also don't pay for these rights, in contrast to the memberships.


Memberships in BeeFinity determine what functionality you can use in BeeFinity. You have to buy these for every BeeFinity user. We provide three different memberships:

  1. View membership
    • With our View membership, you can view all data. You can search, select and download all products. This is our most economical membership.*
  2. Basic membership
    • With our Basic membership, you can also edit data. You'll have access to more settings in general.*
  3. Professional membership 
    • With our Professional membership, you have access to all available features.*
  4. Free
    • We also offer a free version of BeeFinity, with limited access to features.*
    • It is not possible to combine free users with paid users in one organisation.

*For a detailed list of all available features per membership, visit our website: https://www.beefinity.com/en/pricing/ 


In order to have early access to new functionality, regardless of your membership, you'll need to contact us. We can then enable this bèta functionality in your BeeFinity environment for you to test it. Bèta functionality will be labelled as such in BeeFinity: