News from version 26

Quality and stability

For version 26, we invested heavily in quality and stability for BeeFinity. This meant we solved bugs and user feedback. Quite a few of those were bugs that you as a customer helped us find. We are motivated to provide the greatest customer experience possible. We always appreciate feedback from you as a user. You can give us feedback using this portal to create tickets or you can email to

Drag any identifier

The drag and drop functionality has made its way into BeeFinity quite some time ago. We also made a video on how to use drag and drop to select your parts in EPLAN. This functionality always used the article-ID while dragging. From version 26 it is possible to select what identifier you want to drag. You can choose from:

  • The article-ID
  • The ERP-number
  • The GTIN-code (barcode)
  • The generated article number (configurable per organisation)

We've provided two different ways to do the drag and drop action:

  1. You can select one of these identifiers from the dropdown menu of your profile, for use in de the image grid
  2. You can drag and drop the desired cell to the application of your choice from the table grid

Adding and removing units

Up to version 26, you were able to add and remove units. However, this would not improve the reliability of BeeFinity. In order to convert units (meter to millimetre), they have to be consistent.  So, in order to guarantee the reliability and quality of the products, you cannot add and remove units anymore. All of the units we use in BeeFinity are ETIM compliant. ETIM is an international classification standard for technical products. Learn more about ETIM here:

Added 'Are you sure' popups

Some feedback we gained from our customers, contained some complaints about deleting items. In some circumstances, users weren't given an extra warning before deleting an item. This was mainly an issue when editing items in a group in the management tab.

To prevent unwanted deletions, we now added an 'Are you sure' popup for every deletion you do in BeeFinity.

Note that some deletions must be confirmed by saving the group. Otherwise, changes are not applied.