As an attentive BeeFinity user, you may have noticed that dimensions can be stored in two places in BeeFinity:

  • In the Technical details tab
  • In the Features tab

At first this may seem confusing. However, we did this intentional. We will explain why.

Most of our users start using BeeFinity by importing their EPLAN database into BeeFinity. In that case, you want to store your technical details from EPLAN in BeeFinity. However, these imported products are probably not assigned to a group yet. Therefore, the features tab will not be available in BeeFinity.

In order to store your technical details from EPLAN, we made a separate tab called Technical details. This tab is always visible, regardless of the group. Your technical details will be safely stored there and will not be overwritten by enriching, like features.

Some groups, like enclosure cabinet, will also have features called height, width and depth. So, in case a product is assigned to such a group, your dimensions will be stored in two tabs:

  • Features, 2BA info
  • Technical details, EPLAN info