What is 2BA?

2BA is a company that maintains a huge data pool of electrotechnical products, uploaded by manufactures. Their database contains more than 3.7 million products (august 2020). Their mission is to create one place and one format for product and logistical data.

2BA and BeeFinity

We collaborate with 2BA and agreed that all 3.7 million products are available for download in BeeFinity. You can search these products by clicking the globe button in the sidebar:

Search and filter to find the product(s) you want to import. If you found your product(s), click the import button to save them to your library.


To download products a 2BA-account is needed. As a BeeFinity user, we provide you with a free account, when you sign up. You can use this account for your first 2000 downloads. To download and enrich beyond 2000 products, you will need to sign up for 2BA at: https://www.2ba.nl/en/

After you have signed up for an account you can connect it in BeeFinity by going to Organization->2BA-authentication.