In order to download products from 2BA using BeeFinity, you will need a 2BA-account. Generously, we provided every organisation with a free account, which you can use for your first 2000 downloads. If you want more downloads, you will need to login with your own 2BA-credentials.

Some users may already have a 2BA-account. For them, there is a special cherry on the cake. Currently we have a beta program which allows you to see all kinds of logistical data. Read this article to learn more about that.

After creating your 2BA-account, you can fill in your credentials in BeeFinity. Go to  Organisation -> 2BA-authentication

After saving you can test the connection with 2BA. If that's all good, you are all set and ready to download.


  • 2BA-account needed for 2BA-import
  • First 2000 downloads free
  • Create your own 2BA-account
  • Test your connection
  • Get involved in our beta program