New features:

Improved API functionality

On request of some of our customers, we improved our API. It is now possible to request products based on their creation date. It is also possible to request products based their 'last modified' date. New documentation on these API-calls will be provided here.

Using our API may sound complicated, but it can improve your connection with other systems noticeably. Consider giving it a try, maybe with a little help of your system administrator.

More export possibilities

From version 27, we support two more export types:

  • 4PS export
  • BMEcat export


4PS is an ERP-program. You can seamlessly exchange your parts with 4PS. Actually, we already supported 4PS exports, but from now on you can also make a custom mapping for your export.

  • You can find the download option under the Download button in your products view.
  • Create a custom mapping by going to Management -> Mappings, and select 4PS as your mapping type.

BMEcat export

BMEcat is an exchange format to exchange logistical data. You can now export your logistical data from BeeFinity to other systems using the BMEcat format. Systems like 2BA will accept BMEcat format files to import products to their data pool. This way, you can export your BeeFinity products to 2BA using our new BMEcat export.

  • Simply select the products you want to export
  • And select the BMEcat option under the Download button

Note: you can only export supplier info (logistical data) you added to a product yourself, so you cannot export suppliers from 2BA-data.

Import suppliers

In order to export the previously mentioned supplier info, you will have to add that info to a product first. Our beta program in version 26 already included the Suppliers tab, showing all suppliers supplying the products according to 2BA.

From version 27 it is also possible to import your own custom supplier info. Take a look at the screenshot below to check out all the possible info you can add to your custom supplier.

To learn more about the details and how this works, check out this article. 

Manage custom suppliers

In order to import supplier info from your own custom suppliers, you will need a place to manage these custom suppliers. This can now be done from the Suppliers tab in the Management menu. Over here, there is an overview of all your suppliers, both custom and 2BA suppliers:

You can add, delete and edit your custom suppliers here.

Remember login

A feature that was highly requested was that BeeFinity should be able to remember your login credentials. That is now live in v27. At login, you can choose to 'Keep me logged in'. If you close your browser or browser tab while logged in, you will automatically be logged in the next time.

When you log out using the log out button, you will have to manually log in again.

Note: We will remember your credentials for a maximum of four weeks.