This article will show you all the new features in version 28.


Focus on quality

In this version, like v27, we improved the quality and smoothness of BeeFinity even more. We were able to solve quite a few bugs. After a period of loads of new functionality, it was time to settle things down a bit. So that's exactly what we did.

Cancel button

In prior versions of BeeFinity, you weren't able to cancel your edit. From version 28, it's possible to cancel everywhere you can edit something. As you can see in the picture below, the cancel button looks like a crossed out edit button.

You can find it right where the edit button would be.

Bill of Material updates

We know the Bill of Material since a few version prior. We found out, however, that we missed the 2BA-status in the BOM. Therefore, we added the field Status to the BOM columns. Check out all the columns you can add to your BOM down below.

Extra EPLAN fields

In the EPLAN group mappings, we were already able to map quite a lot of fields. However, we plan on adding even more fields to the mapping. Mainly fields regarding the mechanical/3D/ProPanel part of EPLAN. The first one is to be introduced in v28, which is the drilling pattern. In future versions of BeeFinity, we will also include fields like mounting space.

You can use the drilling pattern in the general mapping,

and in the group mapping as well.

Check out this article to learn more about mechanical data in BeeFinity and EPLAN.

New Layout

Some big changes are visible in the new layout of the product screen. Here a are few of the changes.

  • The picture and of the product will now be visible from every tab.
  • Rows can be distinguished by alternating background colours.
  • The information is packed a little bit more compact.

Go ahead and check out the new visuals yourself!

And so much more

  • Fixed issue that scrolling on feature value changed the value
  • Fixed issues regarding BeeFinity Suggestions