Data quality

Data quality is getting more and more important in the digital age. We rely on it. We had a dream to raise the bar for data quality with BeeFinity. We found out that the only way to do so is to do it together.

'BeeFinity suggestions' launched on the first of October 2020. We consider it to be one of the most valuable additions to BeeFinity. And in this article, we will explain what the BeeFinity suggestions mean for you.



As a known player in the automation industry, we at Yellax spotted a problem. We noticed that our customers had trouble keeping track of all their parts. A lot of time is spent on maintaining the products, figuring out discontinued products and their preference items are still only found in catalogues. Besides, all companies in the automation industry have the same struggles with the same parts. 

So why not maintain parts and product data together, instead of individually? We believe that a crucial role is reserved here for BeeFinity.


With our suggestions, your products always have one of three states. We indicate these using different globes. We will explain these using an example.

The red globe

 In the picture above you can see how the suggestions work. In the field 'Depth', my value is 220 mm. From comparing my values with all other users, it turns out, most of them had a depth of 210 mm. The suggestion reminds you to doublecheck the value and select the right one.

The green globe

If you think the value we suggested to you is the right one, you can simply click the value behind the blue bee to accept it. The value will automatically be put in and you only have to save the product. As a result, the globes turn green now.

The orange globe

It is also possible that our suggestion is not correct, or that you simply disagree with it. No worries, just click the value behind the yellow bee in that case. That way, you acknowledge your value and the globe will turn orange. If more and more people choose the same value you chose, that value will become the new suggestion.