As you are now more familiar to working with BeeFinity, you probably created some generated descriptions. Some generated descriptions and group mappings can be quite time consuming to make.

We already provided you with our default group mappings and generated descriptions. However, you still may want to quickly add more. Especially for groups with similar features.

That's were our duplicating functionality comes in.



You will find the 'Duplicate' buttons in the Features, Description builder and Mappings tabs of the group. Notice that the 'Duplicate' button becomes available in edit mode.

What does the button do?

By clicking the Duplicate button, a popup will appear, asking you to choose a group. This will be the group FROM which you duplicate either the generated description or the group mapping.

Only groups from the same category will be shown. Check the example below to learn more.


So, we have few 'Power cable' groups, for which we want to choose the same generated description and group mapping.

We chose one and click the duplicate button for the generated description.

We choose to duplicate from the other power cable group.

In this case, not all features matched, and we are told which ones don't match. Feel free to close the popup after taking notice of these features.

Just press 'Save' and your generated description is duplicated.

Duplicating group mapping

The process of duplicating is pretty much identical for duplicating group mappings. Here are the core steps, one more time.

  • Make sure the group you're duplicating FROM is set to fit your needs;
  • Navigate to the group which needs to duplicate the features from the FROM group;
  • Move to the 'Mappings' tab;
  • Press the 'Duplicate' button;
  • You can choose to duplicate the group layout or the group mapping
  • The part above the red line is the group layout and the part below the red line is the group mapping
  • Select your FROM group;
    • Note: Some features may not be duplicated, because they don't exist in your current group
  • Once duplicated, hit 'Save'.