Since version 35.0 of BeeFinity, it is possible to map one ETIM group to multiple EPLAN groups. To learn what group mappings are, check out this article: How to use group mappings.

Some BeeFinity users reported that not all ETIM groups were corresponding to one EPLAN group. For example, ETIM has only one group for both PLC digital in- and outputs, whereas EPLAN has split these groups as shown in the figure.

From now on it is possible to handle these subgroups separately from eachother in the group mapping.

In this guide, we will show you how to install a variable EPLAN group selection in BeeFinity.

  1. Navigate to Groups -> [Group] -> Mappings
  2. Click Add item if the EPLAN main-group is empty.
  3. Click to add a group and subgroup(s).
  4. Select the (multiple) EPLAN subgroups you want to map.
  5. Change the order of the subgroup at any moment by dragging it.
  6. Click the pencil to specify a filter for a specific EPLAN group.
  7. Apply the filters for every EPLAN subgroup. In this case, if a product has more than 0 inputs and has 0 outputs, it is probably a PLC input card digital. Therefore, it will now be mapped as such when exported to EPLAN.
  8. When ready, click Save to save the filter and save the group too. Filtered EPLAN groups now show a funnel icon: