It is possible to get this view in BeeFinity. After you switched languages, no text appears in certain fields.

Note that BeeFinity has two types of language display:

  1. Content language; the language in which features of products can be shown. 
    At the moment German, English and Dutch are available as content languages.
    In the future, many more different languages will follow.
  2. Display language; the language in which the app BeeFinity is available. 
    At the moment the app is available in English and Dutch.

Not showing the right content language may have two causes:

  1. The language pack is still loading;
    You can track the progress of the loading by clicking the bell.
    Ongoing language installs will be refered to as: Create/update database
  2. The view language is not yet installed;
    To install a language, go to Organisation -> Content languages and check the boxes of the desired languages.
    To choose a language, go to User -> Content language and choose the desired language.

    *Note that a language will only be display when the box of that language is checked.