After creating a ticket, your support agent may assign a status to the ticket. A status is an indication for you to track your ticket. You can view the status of your ticket by going to the Tickets tab at

We will explain every status in the section below.

  • Open

A new ticket automatically gets the status Open, indicates it is not yet viewed by a support agent.

  • Ticket is being processed

The status Ticket is being processed indicates that a support agent is assigned to your ticket. 

  • Resolved

The status Resolved indicates that your problem is resolved. A support agent replied to you with the solution to your problem.

  • Closed

The status Closed indicates that the ticket is closed. Any Resolved ticket will be automatically closed after 48 hours, unless you reply. You can re-open the ticket by replying to the ticket. 

  • Awaiting your reply

The status Awaiting your reply indicates that the support agent is waiting for your reply. He may ask you to send additional information regarding your problem.

  • Send to development

The status Send to development indicates that the agent sent the feature request or bug report to the development team. In case of a feature request this does not automatically mean that it will be granted. Bug reports will always be accepted and bugs will be fixed as soon as possible.