How to register

Registering can be done by going to this page:

After clicking ‘Register’, either a new company environment will be created, or you will be added to an existing company. In that case, the administrator of your company will be notified. He has the ability to accept or reject your request.


New company

In case of an unknown company, a new environment will be created. You will be notified on the status of your registration. In this case you will automatically become the admin of your company.

Users of a new company will by default be added as free users. This means you don’t have access to all the features of BeeFinity. In order to gain access to all features, you will have to upgrade your plan. Check out the pricing of BeeFinity here



In terms of memberships, you can choose from 3 different memberships.

  • Professional; this membership has all available features in BeeFinity
  • Basic; this memberships has most of the features, except some abilities to edit certain fields
  • View; anyone with a view memberships can see all data, but has no rights to edit anything

For more details on differences between memberships, please visit

*Note: once you decide to upgrade to a payed plan, you will have to pay for all the users. Free users can not be added to payed environments.